About Me

In 1998, before anyone else was doing WiFi, I worked for a company that offered wireless Internet.  I worked on their website copy and installed (or helped install) the antennas, Cat-5 cable and routers that were needed to use wireless Internet at that time.  Of course, at that time, the wireless was only from the host to the customer.  We still needed cable to go from the receiver to the customer’s computer.

During the early 2000’s, I worked as a webmaster for a company that hosted more than 50 websites for other businesses in town.  I designed websites and programmed the back end as needed.  I loved designing websites, but I found I also liked making sure that the copy on the websites flowed smoothly and made sense.  I loved being able to help promote my web host employer’s customers.  Unfortunately, that web host shut down because of problems with the parent company.

Since those times, I’ve been working as a freelance writer and freelance copywriter.  I’ve done my research on how to sell products.  I’ve learned how to find the target audience and show them how a product benefits them.  I’ve learned that the most important customer is not the end user, but the customer that I’m working with.  They need to be able to promote their business.  They need to be able to explain why their product is superior to other similar products, or the other many reasons their business is the one their customers should choose.

With my background in web design, I can offer copy that looks good on the screen.  I can help you write a blog post, or help you format your e-newsletter.  I have experience with writing multiple posts on the same subject and keeping the posts interesting.  I still keep myself current on technology updates.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun.  I still play online games.  I have seen all of the Marvel movies that have come out.  I like to walk the dog and practice Tae Kwon Do.

One of the tenets of the Tae Kwon Do school that I go to is that we should have integrity.  We should give 100% in all things, school, work and life.  I truly believe that we are meant to give 100% in everything that we do, both work and time off.  I believe that you need to be accountable for what you do, both good and bad.  If you are unhappy with my work, I will rework it until you are happy.