Google’s algorithm updates

It’s been over a month since Google announced a new update to their algorithm. You may find that your rankings in the search engines have gone down. This algorithm change was intended to improve search results for the end user.  Unfortunately, according to Google, there’s not much you can do to increase your rankings except keep doing the same thing you have been doing.

You need to be posting quality content. It doesn’t matter how frequently you are posting the content.  What matters is that you continue to post content that isn’t loaded with keywords in places they don’t make sense. You want to be sure that your content gives the information your customers need.

If your website fell on the search engine results, it’s not because your website quality needs to be improved. Instead, Google has redefined what should be relevant for specific users. This relevance may change from year to year, but it’s still going to be basically the same.

If you want to look into the nitty gritty of how Google ranks content on the search engines, you can go to this link:

The document above talks about expertise and trustworthiness. You want to continue to write about things that you’re knowledgeable about so that your trustworthiness increases through Google’s ranking. This includes writing about the same series of topics. You may talk about new technologies, but you’re still going to be showing that you’re an expert in your niche. That’s showing your expertise. That’s how you’re going to continue to come up at the top of the search engine results pages.

If you’re not sure how to accomplish keeping your posts on topic and with the correct keywords, contact us, and we can help you with your web content, blog or newletters.


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