Making the search rankings

Working on your website is great, until the time comes to start figuring out how to get your website to show up higher in the search engine rankings. You want to work on your business, not figure out how the search engines determine search ranking.  You want to build your client base without having to research something that someone else already knows.

You may know that years ago, web companies would submit to every search engine they could find, with the hopes that their client’s site or sites would show up higher in the rankings.  They would also add the keywords multiple times on in the header or footer of the page, or would add a section after the official text, but in a color that wouldn’t show up – think white on white.

Search engines have gotten more sophisticated.  Keyword loading doesn’t work.  You can’t decide that you’re going to put your keywords into your web copy in 6 different ways 6 times each and expect your site to show up at the top of the search rankings.  You want your web copy to flow correctly.

Instead of keyword loading, it’s better to make sure that your copy makes sense. Search engines have started looking at the quality of the copy on the websites.  Even once this changes again, you can draw your customers to your website by explaining what you offer.  Repeating the same phrase or few words over and over can seem like you’re talking down to your customer instead.  Additionally, Google and Bing will both quote the first few words of your page, but they use different ways to determine where your page ranks on the search result.

What happens when the algorithms change?

Even for someone who works in web writing, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes in how Google handles their search algorithms.  Why spend time learning this, when you can be focusing on your customers and making sure they stay happy with your product.

Let us help you get the copy on your website up to your standards.  We can target your ideal customer and help you sell your business.  With us helping bring customers to your website, you are free to make sure they stay happy.

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