Newsletters and your mailing list

Newsletters should be more than a copy of your blog

Keeping your customers updated with a newsletter is important. You want to keep your business uppermost in your customers’ minds. You want to be able to offer them new products as they become available.

But coming up with the information for a newsletter week after week can be difficult.

You might not have a lot of new information to send out, or your last newsletter may not have gotten as much of a response as you had hoped. Some companies send the same information as they post on their blog posts. This can make the e-newsletter easy to send out week after week.

Yet, your customers signed up for your mailing list because they wanted value. Sending them the same thing as you post on your public blog post doesn’t give them the value they need or deserve. You want to offer something exclusive for your mailing list subscribers.

What can you offer?

There are a number of different types of newsletters you can send out to your customers. Each of these types can expand the number of ways that you state what you’re offering. Each of these types can be a hook to draw in your customers.

For example, you can send a special offer in your newsletter. Maybe offer a small discount if they add more services to their account, or offer a free download if they make a purchase of something else.

You can tell your own story. Telling the history of your company will help your customers get to know you better.

You can tell them what you’ve done wrong, to show that you know some of the ways you shouldn’t do something. This can humanize your company and relate the story of how you developed your brand values.

You can come up with potential questions – or answer questions that you’ve received from your customers. If one person is asking the question, there are others who haven’t asked, but still want to know.

You can check in with your customers just to see how they’re doing. It’s always good customer service to make sure that your customers are fully using your product and haven’t had any issues.

You might send a digest of your most popular blog posts. Then if your customer is short on time, they can still get the most important updates from your company.

Each of these is a way for you to continue to work with your customer. When they need something else that you provide, you’ll be easily remembered. If they have a friend or another company they work with that needs your services, they can refer the other customer to you.

Though it can be difficult to keep your customers updated, it is worth the time in the long run. If you hire a web writer to do both the newsletter and the blog posts, you can be sure that they are tied in together.

Discussing your goals with a web writer can help you come to the best possible outcome on your website.

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